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#Pittsburgh continues to display why it is a proven post-Industrial heavy-weight. Whether it is education, medicine, technology, food, arts or culture, the city is a platform for livability and economic growth. Locals, natives, newcomers, and those who seek refuge from other countries are here and have taken ownership for retelling Pittsburgh’s story, and at LUXE Creative, we couldn’t be prouder to call Pittsburgh our home. Everyone is taking notice, whether it is The New York Times, Billboard, The Huffington Post, or The Guardian, the beacon of awakening in the Mid-Atlantic, our Pittsburgh is embracing its position. Incredible highlights from top news outlets in the country to include: · “Establishing itself as the Silicon Valley of the east,” says Edward Helmore for the Guardian · “The Pennsylvania sport-crazed city wants all your tech luminaries, fresh-faced entrepreneurs, and artistic minds to see that – yes, Pittsburgh is where they belong, says Kat Bein for Billboard Magazine · “But it’s time for the rest of the US and larger world to wake the hell up and get aware of what is going on in this city of Carnegie, Mellon, Westinghouse, Frick, Heinz et. al. So Pittsburgh has been a real eye-opener to me crystallizing the adage don’t judge a book by its cover,” said Bill Robinson for the Huffington Post. Through Creative Direction and guidance from LUXE Creative Founder + CEO, Martin Potoczny we get to tell Pittsburgh’s story through live events, chic atmospheres, and curated experiences like Thrival Festival. For each of the counties, boroughs, townships, organizations, non-profits, artists, and musicians – we are dedicated to showcasing what the city of Pittsburgh is accomplishing through its people and ambition. The city has bridged its past and present, from Frick and Carnegie, to Google and Uber – we’re here to stay and not going anywhere. There is so much more in store, we haven't even scratched the surface. None of this would have been possible without our incredible presenting sponsors and their generous funding to the project: Peoples Natural Gas and UPMC. We cannot thank-you enough!