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Presenter: Greg Schnell Key Topics: - Currencies move some moves today - Oil pushes, Natural Gas up this week Prec(ar)ious Metals drop- wearing out the pennant? - Global concerns, global good news- Whine one Wins? - Corn? - Livestock, Uranium continues to implode..near the end? Stocks Mentioned: UUP, $USD, $FTSE, $XEU, $XJY, $XBP, $CDW, $XAD, $SPX, IEF, TIP, TLT, MYI, $TNX, $CRB, $WTIC, $CORN, $SILVER, $COPPER, $GVX, $SUGAR, $GJX, $GPX, XLE, CRAK, FRAK, $NATGAS, URA, JJC, SIX, XMA.TO, TCK, CYB, CGC.TO, ETP, X, MG.TO